July 31, 2020 Captello

The Future of Live Events & Leveraging MarTech

The much anticipated return of in-person trade shows received a jump-start on Friday July 24, 2020 at the Together Again Expo hybrid event in the United States. The Captello team was proud to be a part of the official US trade show resurgence, hosting a virtual booth highlighting touchless lead capture gaming solutions utilizing ubiquitous marketing technology.

“Let this be the beginning of the restart,” Together Again Expo Founder Mark Yuska said to open the conference.

The expo was held in person and online, hosting around 1,400 event industry professionals and around 150 exhibitors at the Orange County Convention physical expo. An additional 8,225 virtual attendees participated as a lineup of industry experts discussed how to safely navigate the return to live events.

Of course there were strict rules in place for physical attendees: there were temperature checks, no handshakes, and guests were required to stay six feet apart and wear a mask. Vendors were spaced adequately; one-way aisles were in place and six feet social distancing sticker reminders were abundant.

Although the Together Again Expo had a different live event feel, the excitement of networking with colleagues face to face and restarting the live event business was profuse. Even in this “new normal”, everyone involved was able to successfully network and set an example for the rest of the country regarding effectively and safely returning to expos once again.

The immediate future of live, in-person events looks to be contained to regional shows with virtual components, due to limitations on travel and the resurgence of COVID-19 in particular parts of the world. Bigger conferences hope to be back in full swing soon as emergency approved use of vaccines, therapeutics and stronger safety messaging becomes clearer.

This year hasn’t turned out how anyone expected or hoped. The coronavirus is a wily virus whose future and length is unwritten. Will humans be able to outsmart the spread and permanently flatten the curve? Only time will tell.

However, there’s still ample time to make the most of the present day situation and capitalize on MarTech (marketing technology) solutions to ensure your business efforts experience continued future success, whether in a physical or virtual environment.

MarTech encompasses a new breed of blending marketing and technology to automate or otherwise streamline marketing processes, collect and analyze data, and provide various means of reaching and engaging with your target audience.

There are obvious benefits to utilizing MarTech in today’s new world, such as automating processes and saving marketing teams time, while making it possible to manage a multitude of marketing channels with ease. Companies that make smart, strategic investments in MarTech are able to build a comprehensive stack of tools that integrate seamlessly, functioning much like a single, well-oiled machine in a time of uncertainty.

Gone are the days of carrying out lengthy campaigns and hoping for the best, often waiting weeks or even months to have enough data available to evaluate effectiveness.

Thanks to the benefits of strong MarTech solutions, marketers have vast quantities of data at their fingertips. This information often arrives in a timely manner, complete with actionable insights that helps save companies the daunting task of extracting key takeaways from raw data.

Even more important is having this vital information in real-time, allowing marketers to pivot when campaigns are not going as expected, or worse – when situations arise that are not under their control.

What if your organization had an all-in-one solution allowing your marketing team to move seamlessly between live events and virtual events, depending on the immediate needs of the moment?

Prepare for unexpected event plan changes by leveraging Captello’s MarTech solutions within physical, virtual or hybrid setting combinations. Continue to deliver fun, personalized experiences to prospects in a safe and predictable environment that provides adaptability and ensures goals are attained, no matter the venue.

Captello’s Solutions include:

Universal Lead Capture for Virtual & Live Events

Attract & Engage Visitors with Activations / Games

Event Management for Organizers

Retail Lead Capture


Captello provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions that help businesses worldwide attract, convert and close leads.

Lead capture enthusiasts, such as trade show coordinators, retail marketers, and event marketers directly benefit from improved lead retrieval workflow, in particular, being able to send marketing qualified leads to an endless array of CRM and marketing automation platforms. The solution empowers enthusiasts to do their job better by effectively measuring results, capturing crucial sales insights, and supercharging their organization with a seamless lead flow process from capture to close.


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