January 26, 2021 Captello

Why You Need to Gamify Your Buyer’s Digital Experience

In 2020, the key to success was digital interaction. Zoom Meetings overtook one way video communication.  e-Gift Cards rose in popularity, while plastic gift cards declined.

We are now seeing digital experiences transforming from a mailbox experience to a face-to-face substitute.  Trade Shows are “going virtual”.  Kids are using TikTok, SnapChat and Discord instead of playing outside.  Buyers are getting deliveries of items that they have never seen or touched based on Amazon placements, ratings, and reviews.

How do you stand out ?

One of the most logical ways is to enhance the digital experience through gamification.

What does Gamification accomplish? Let’s use the fictional company SWAGAM.
1.) Brand Awareness
I may not be initially interested in SWAGAM, because I don’t know what they offer… but I might be interested in seeing the game that is being offered on a digital display or virtual exhibit… so they just increased my attention span by 8 seconds.
2.) Brand Engagement
You probably can’t educate me on SWAGAM in 8 seconds, but what if I could get enough information from you that I can continue to “pop up” in your digital life through email, text, enhanced ads, and even custom website messaging?  Gamification with rewards certainly opens the door; because people that are engaged in “the game” are likely to receive rewards such as eGift card or a further enhanced experience.  In order to receive the level one payoff, they need to give you a place to send their bonus. Just like that, you know how to reach out to them (and you have their permission)!
3.) Perhaps you want to take this “targeted viral”
Enhance the experience by allowing your engaged audience to share the experience with other interested associates.  Remember Elf Yourself?  That was an extreme case in the B2C segment of an experience that went viral for one major sponsoring company.
4.)  Emotion
Since games show that you are not “selling” but instead bringing positive feelings; you are starting off on the right foot. Your brand will be like a warm aunt that you are always excited to see.
If you would like to experience a personalized gaming experience for your business, let us know by scheduling a quick demo.

We hope this article helps you understand that games can be a very valuable marketing asset used to engage, educate, and entertain your audience. Consider using games for marketing in your next campaign. Visit www.captello.com to learn more about games, and for a test drive of some of our top played games!


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