Increase engagement on websites, in digital marketing campaigns, at virtual & face to face events and more. Applications are as limitless are your imagination with lead capture integrated games!


Use custom questions to address problems that your product or service solves, or educate prospects about your brand, values, products and services. Prizes & incentives drive engagement and increase lead capture with custom responsive forms, before or after gameplay as a method of claiming prizes.


Bring the fun and excitement of Blackjack strategic card games to your marketing and event experiences. Customize table and card graphics with your brand front and center. Offer prizes, create team competition and capture lead data before or after gameplay with customizable lead capture forms.


Promote team competition and collect more leads with Whack-a-Mole. This exciting, addictive game will have prospects returning to your brand experience again and again. Customize leaderboard, game objects, backgrounds, logos, colors & more – with integrated lead capture forms you can tailor to your needs.


Make your brand and product line unforgettable with challenging games of Memory Match. Players will keep coming back to compare leaderboard scores and play for chances to win exciting prizes and incentives. Brand images, prizes and leaderboard elements are all easily and quickly customizable.


Increase brand awareness, introduce your product or service solution, and engage new prospects with 3 Cups! This simple game moves people through the lead capture process quickly, captures custom lead data, and delivers the information to your CRM or marketing automation platform in real-time.


Drive succinct messaging and direct brand involvement with Guess the Word! Prospects decipher word challenges linked to any topic; a great way to educate people on the simple points that make your solution shine. The customizable leaderboard displays winner information by the criteria you choose.


Offering prizes or incentives? Spin to Win is just the answer! Customize gameplay with your brand colors & identity. Add custom prizes with individual odds to win, shared prizes and more. Collect leads quickly at virtual or face-to-face events, in digital campaigns and more, or just add fun to an office event without lead capture.


Rapidly involve new prospects in your brand experience with a simple game of Roll Doubles. Deploy custom lead capture forms before or after game play to notify winners and follow-up with product information. Customize prizes, odds of winning, backgrounds, colors, brand, play cycles and more.


Bring the excitement of live slots to your prospects anywhere at any time. Slot Machine is great for capturing leads in campaigns where prizes and incentives are offered. Customize game play with unique gifts and prizes, control odds of winning, color schemes, brand identity, and collect the custom data most relevant to your organization.


Drive deeper levels of involvement with Crack the Safe. Unlock codes can be obtained with a scratch-off on the vault, or incorporated into emails, SMS, social media campaigns, web pages, print marketing and more. Prospects who enter the correct scratch-off code Crack the Safe and win the custom offers and incentives hidden inside!


Collect lead data easily and quickly with Pick a Winner. Players drop their cards into the hat to enter for a chance to win. Custom lead capture forms with responsive fields capture the information that matters most, and help qualify leads early in the process. Lead data flows directly to your CRM or marketing automation platform in real-time.


Bring energy and increase traffic at any event with satisfying Scratch and Win games! Choose from a broad variety of scratch and win tickets. Customize prizes, odds of winning, branding, backgrounds, colors and more. Everyone wants to play, and everyone wins with Scratch & Win!


Reveal user-configurable digits that can be the key to unlocking a prize in another game, such as Crack the Vault. Lucky Digits collects leads and moves prospects through the process very rapidly, so your sales team can engage & qualify a large number of leads quickly. Lead data flows in real-time to CRM & marketing automation, where follow-up can begin immediately.


Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em with Three Cards. Players pick a card and keep an eye on the shuffling. Identify the correct card after the shuffle to win prizes! Easily customize playing cards, colors, branding, prizes, odds of winning and more. Capture leads quickly with custom forms so you’ll always know which prospects to hold, and which ones to fold.


Increase the level of brand and product engagement with Guess How Many! Customize game objects and logos, colors, form data and more. Drive team participation and competition with leaderboard statistics, where your brand will stand large and in charge. With over 2,000 integrations, Captello makes sure your lead data flows seamlessly and instantly to your CRM or marketing automation platform to help make follow-up a snap!


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