August 24, 2020 Captello


Are you finding Virtual Events boring? Well, trust me…you are not alone! Here are 10 ideas to make virtual events more entertaining and engaging while increasing the ROI for attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors!

  1. Before the event, send out a game so attendees can win a discount off registration, win a special VIP pass, or be entered into a raffle or drawing. Great games for this would be 3 Cup, 3 Cards, Roll Doubles or Crack the Safe
  2. Exhibitors looking to be different can add a game into their virtual booth to attract and engage attendees. It is proven that exhibitors with a game in their virtual booth collect 30% more high quality leads than a traditional virtual booth. Most popular games for exhibitors are Spin the Wheel, Scratch & Win and Slot Machine!
  3. Exhibitors can collect names and put them into a hat, fishbowl or bucket and draw a winner at the end of the show with Pick a Winner.
  4. Sessions can cause fatigue for attendees. Bring your sessions back to life with games that reward them for paying attention! Also ask custom questions to rate the speaker or session. Try Trivia, Guess the Word, Guess How Many and Memory Match!
  5. Break time! Set up games for attendees to enjoy during breaks!
  6. Event organizers can sell games as a sponsorship to earn additional revenue and ensure their sponsors get high exposure to attendees. Great sponsorship games are Blackjack, Slot Machine, Whack a Mole, Scratch & Win, Guess How Many.
  7. Create an “Arcade” on your event website! As attendees choose a game they will be taken to the sponsors or exhibitors booth to play.
  8. Organize a “Scavenger Hunt”. As each game is finished, display a NUMBER on the “Game Over” screen for them to write down. At the end of the day, if the attendees played all of the games and put the numbers in ascending order…they will have the code to crack the safe and win a prize!
  9. Host a Tournament! Let attendees play against each other for the highest score! Top high scores will be awarded prizes at the end of the event.  (It can be up to you if the winner must be present to win) Great games with leaderboards are Blackjack & Whack a Mole.
  10. Get everyone excited by adding a HUGE grand prize such as a chance to win a CAR, a DREAM VACATION or CASH! (You can get insurance for this) You set the odds of winning. Works great with Slot Machine, Spin to Win and Scratch & Win!

These are just a few examples of how virtual events can be made more fun! If you want to add games to your virtual event, contact us today!

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