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25+ Ways to Use Games

Who doesn’t love playing online games?

Games are probably the most effective way to increase engagement and add that unique element of entertainment to any given environment and scenario.

Today, we’re going to talk about some use cases for online games. In this day and age, online games (also known as virtual games) are being used for various purposes, from online events to digital marketing and more. Let’s take a look at these use cases below.

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Virtual Event Lead Capture: Integrating an online game before, during or after your virtual event, can help convert passive attendees into engaged participants.

Before the event, you can send out a game so attendees can win a discount off registration or a special VIP pass or other prizes. You can also add a game into your virtual booth to attract and engage attendees.

Live Event Lead Capture: Gamification in the event industry, or event gamification is an important tool to engage attendees, modify participant behavior, and accomplish event goals.

Online games not only increase attendee engagement but they also activate a sense of common purpose, attendee networking and an environment of trust and collaboration.

Grand Opening Events and Incentives: Whether it’s a new product launching ceremony or an opening of your new business outlets, games are the best resources for driving engagement and giving out prizes & other incentives.

Building Crowds: Games are proven methods for attracting and building a crowd at a live event. People love to play games and a sense of competition drives a larger crowd towards your event booth.

Audience Engagement: What’s more important than building an audience is to keep it engaged and games are probably the best way of doing this.

Entertainment (Lobbies & Waiting Areas): A lobby or other such waiting area at an event could be a boring place to stay. However, with online games, you can turn it into a fun place where people can get entertained and spend time more conveniently.



Retail Store Engagement: Games are an innovative way to engage your customers at retail stores. You can offer free giveaways, discount coupons to customers on spot for playing and winning the game.

New Product / Service Launch: New product or service launch events can be made more fun with help of gamification. Games can even be used as means to promote your newly launched product or service.

Product Sales / Discounts: Games are an excellent way of offering discounts on your products and boost the sales. For example, a pizza store can offer free meal vouchers to their customers for playing kiosk games installed at their outlet.

Customer Retention: Customer engagement is directly proportional to your customer retention. Online games can not only offer entertainment but they also act as a great resource for retaining customers.

Bridging Physical to Digital Connections: Wondering how to get that valuable email address of our customer? Online games could be the answer. An online game Kiosk can be placed on a retail outlet to capture contact information of your customers playing the game for a prize. The collected contact information can then be utilized by your sales and marketing teams in their future endeavours.


Digital Marketing

Email Campaigns: Using an online game in your marketing email campaign can help maximize engagement and conversion rate. You can even link to a landing page with a game embedded on it.

Social Media Campaigns: Just like email campaigns, online games are proven to drive traffic and engagement for your social media campaigns.

Brand Engagement: A game can move your company away from the stigma of being a cold corporate giant and give the consumer a more emotional connection when they think of your brand. Fusing this with your marketing message will have consumers wanting to find out more about your company or promotion.

Edutainment Gamified Learning: Games for learning are trendy, and can be seen as the training of the future. This new way of learning makes training more efficient. Games can teach a wide range of knowledge and skills. Learning experts in the corporate sector are fast realizing that and channelizing funds to create simulation games to engage and train corporate learners. 

Website Lead Capture: Games can also be used as a tool for capturing your website leads. For example you can have a “spin the wheel” game placed on your landing page that can be played for a prize in exchange for your visitors’ name and email address information.

Seasonal Outreach: Your seasonal marketing outreach can be made more fun and productive with help of virtual games.Incorporating games in your outreach can help convey:

  • The customer journey and the story you want to tell
  • The emotions you want to evoke in your audience
  • A call-to-action or the desired next steps you want to encourage

Revenue / Fund Raising

Sponsorship Revenue: Online gamification is a great way of maximizing your sponsorship revenue. They can be used to engage your targeted potential sponsors and deliver a focused sales pitch.

Non-Profit / Fund Raising: Online games are a best fit for any fundraising events. For example, you can host a trivia session and have participants pay to play.

Prize Giveaways
: Prize giveaways can be made easy and fun by incorporating games. Leaderboards create a sense of competition and transparency when it comes to giving out prizes.

Incentivized Surveys: By incorporating games, you can offer incentives to your audience for filling out the survey. They can fill in a survey and play the game for a chance to win an attractive prize. This ensures maximum response rates.

Personality Tests: Taking a personality test could be a dull task. However, by fusing an interesting game either at the start, end or middle of the test can make it more appealing and fun to take.



Employee Incentives & Rewards: Games are means of promoting healthy competition among your employees. You can use the games for giving out different incentives and rewards to deserving employees.

Employee Training: We cannot stress enough that games are engaging which makes them a successful learning tool. Though games cannot teach every single process, through storytelling, emotional element and challenges games at the very least touch upon the affective domain in a way most current corporate training does not.

Team Competitions: Online games are an effective method of promoting and running competitions among various different teams in your organization. For example, you can run monthly Trivia games where employees can participate in teams and the team with the maximum score wins the competition.

Corporate Conference: Another great use case for games in a corporate environment is the annual conference or company summit. Online games can not only promote mutual interaction among employees at the conference but also act as a great way of adding FUN to company’s get together.



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