December 2, 2020 Captello

5 Sales Lessons I Learned From Kindergarten

1.) The loudest person doesn’t always get the attention that they desire.
There is something alluring to others about being quiet, and a good listener.
2.) Tell the truth
People have an amazing ability to tell when you are being honest and transparent.  We often hear that “people buy from people”.   I would argue, that people don’t buy from the people they like; but rather from the people that they trust will take care of the situation if something goes wrong. By removing the fear of the worst case scenario, you accelerate action, build deeper relationships, and earn more referrals (People refer people to those that they can trust as well!).
3.) It’s ok to laugh at the appropriate times
Be real with people.  All too often we like to present perfect, professional lives to others. It’s ok to show your human side and connect with people as friends.
4.) Learning is how we grow
In Kindergarten, I remember waiting to see what the next learning adventure of the day was going to be.  As we grow older, learning slows down.  For some, learning comes to a complete stop.  Give yourself at least 20 minutes each day to read an article that is out of your comfort zone, or listen to a podcast.
5.) Be a leader if you want to enjoy life
I learned on the playground that if I wanted to play Soccer at recess, I would need to organize and lead.  That meant bringing the ball EVERYDAY so that kids equated recess=soccer.  That also meant that I would be the self appointed team captain so that we would quickly pick teams each day.  I would talk the game up amongst my friends before and after recess officially ended.  I didn’t realize it back then, but I added value to my fellow students, and through that value got to guide the other kids to play soccer as “their” choice of activity.  Just like it’s hard to sell if you don’t have a buyer to work with… it would have been hard to have played soccer by myself.
At the end of the day, the key lessons in sales are not about Spin, Challenger, or Consultative Selling. The key lesson is to understand your audience, earn their trust, and follow through consistently by providing value each day.
Everything else is just academic.


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