June 25, 2020 Captello

5 Steps to Improve Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has its family of solutions, including websites, e-mail, SMM, SEO, SEM, PPC, display, mobile, affiliates & influencers, viral, radio & television. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. But, there’s a new digital marketing solution that is solving problems across multiple mediums.

What problems, you ask?

Common problems, such as:

  • Driving increased web traffic
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Collecting new leads
  • Improving landing page experiences
  • Rising above the white noise
  • Creating positive brand associations
  • Getting solid ROI figures from campaigns and events

Can one solution solve all these problems?

One certainly takes a whack at them all…

Introducing browser compatible gamification with integrated lead capture.

Why such a long name? Because gamification has super powers that nearly all forms of digital marketing can take advantage of:

Attention grabbing authority & lead capture power

What digital campaign couldn’t use such virtuous traits?
Couple these together with a robust integrated CRM and marketing automation platform, and you’re onto something revolutionary.

Let’s start problem solving – with games!

1: Drive Increased Website Traffic
Once you’ve segmented your audience and created relevant messaging, driving prospects to your website or landing page is the next real challenge. What if you could tease a game such as Team Trivia, via social media or an email campaign, then drive group participation with incentivized challenges?

Trivia questions can address common problems that your product or service solves, or educate players about your brand, values, products and services. Interactive games like Trivia, Whack-a-Mole, Crack the Safe, Guess the Word, Memory Match, Spin-to-Win and more provide opportunities to drive individuals and teams to your website and landing pages where they will serendipitously discover how useful your products and services are.

2: Increase Conversions / Collect Lead Data
Completing a short form is a small price to pay for free game play, or to claim a prize. Captello’s suite of gamification experiences specifically enable marketers to require custom forms to be completed prior to game play, or after game play to claim rewards or prize offerings – with the option to turn off lead capture for employee events and office parties.

3: Spice up the Landing Page Experience
We all know the power of a website button… especially brightly colored ones, like red or blue. Who can resist those? About 96.5% of your prospects can, apparently. So, let’s spice it up a bit.

Actionable marketing involves compelling prospects to engage with your brand and buy from your company in a transparent way that builds trust and relationships. How are you doing that with your landing page content?

Let me guess… Audio-visual, breathtaking imagery, impressive data, excellent written content, and more. Many of these place quite a load on browsers, so keep it light, but make it impactful… with browser compatible games.

Games easily embed into any html page via objects and iframes meaning, once prospects have clicked through to your page, they can begin playing without subsequently clicking, improving bounce rates and game participation.

4: Distinguish Your Brand & Brand Messaging, Create Positive Brand Associations
With virtual events on the rise, and few virtual event organizers offering something to distinguish your booth experience from others, embeddable games make all the difference. Drive traffic to your virtual or live event space for personal and team game play. Keep them coming back with company branded leaderboards showcasing company branding, scores and winners.

Get more conversation circulating around your brand with team events, team messaging, and team leaderboards.

Captello gamification experiences include a simple CMS for users to easily customize branding, colors, background graphics, prizes, chances of winning, form data and more for complete control from beginning to end.

5: Get reliable ROI Data from Campaigns & Events

41% of digital marketers have no ROI data! That’s amazing, in a sad and confusing way.

Consistent lead management integration is key to defining campaign success.
As some of you already know: having the right information in the right place is better than having the right information all over the place.

Lead capture integrated games are amazing at collecting the form data that you really care about. But more amazing than that is where that data goes and what you do with it.

Captello integrations move data in real-time to your CRM or marketing automation platform where you can begin scoring, assigning and following up immediately. Captello provides analytics, reporting and ROI calculations based on clean, enriched, centralized data. Extremely flexible automated workflows trigger user-defined events and alerts. Send emails, SMS, postcards, handwritten letters and more based on your own criteria, without lifting a finger. Every lead will get the personalized follow-up they deserve.

Games are here to stay, so I will end with a powerful question: How can they improve your marketing experience?

Stand out with something new, and experience next-level digital marketing with games. For more information, visit Captello’s GAMIFY LEAD CAPTURE page.


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