March 2, 2021 Captello

Can Your Lead Capture Do This?

Not all lead capture services are the same, and if you are still renting scanners this year, your company will be at a significant disadvantage.

However, if you are ready to take lead capture to the next level and crush your goals in a virtual, live and hybrid event world, then you need Captello.

Imagine this:

  • You are planning to exhibit at your first live event of the year and want to assure attendees that you have taken every precaution to make them feel safe, including using a touchless lead capture system that captures and engages attendees easily!
  • Your team is a well oiled machine, trained to use your own customized lead capture system to capture leads at live, virtual and hybrid events at the same time. No need for them to learn a new system at each event.
  • Your entire sales team can capture leads from their own phone on and off the show floor. There is no limit to how many team members you can add, saving you money and ensuring that every team member is set up for success.
  • Your booth is the most exciting and engaging booth at the event, attracting buyers with your own branded lead capture games! And, both live and virtual attendees can play from any device for a chance to win prizes…including touchless gamification!
  • Virtual events that were not effective at attracting leads are now producing results!
  • Your games go viral on social media… attracting new leads who missed the event.
  • You are launching a new brand and need a fun and memorable way to engage your audience. You set up a lead capture game that can be played in person, online, from your website or social media.
  • You are a speaker at a meeting, conference, webinar or expo and want to know if your audience is paying attention! You bring a quiz or trivia game to your presentation with a chance to win prizes and become the favorite speaker of the day!
  • Gift cards can be fulfilled automatically! No need to struggle with the logistics of delivering prizes to virtual attendees.
  • Your company is amazing at follow up! Each prospect receives a follow up email (automated yet personalized) with literature and next steps, ensuring that every prospect is treated with concierge style care.
  • Your sales team receives their lead data in your CRM with tasks already assigned to follow up.
  • Run a contest with your team to motivate them! Real time reporting will help you track their progress throughout the event.
  • You are all set with ROI reports to help you measure the value of each event you exhibit at for future planning.
  • You not only hit your goals, but you are a rock star and exceeded your goals!


BONUS: Earn your ULC certification FREE! When you sign up for Captello you will gain free enrollment to the Universal Lead Capture certification program…
A great addition to enhance your portfolio as a lead capture expert!

So…let me ask you. Is your lead capture easy to use, touchless, hybrid, and engaging? Are you set up to crush your goals this year?  If not, contact us to take your lead capture results to the next level with Captello.


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