January 28, 2021 Captello

Captello Announces Simplified Hosted Event Solution, Event in a Box, launching end of Q1

Captello, known for their full breadth of virtual and live event software solutions such as Universal Lead Capture, Activations & Games, and Automated e-Gift Card Rewards, is now offering an all-in-one, out-of-the-box hosted event solution called Event in a Box.

Event in a Box packages Captello’s powerful software solutions with all the hardware and accessories event organizers need to run events of any size. Complete with mobile devices, stands, printers, scanners, credit card terminals, and preloaded software, Captello takes the guesswork out of setting up for an event.

Captello software gives event organizers distinct advantages:

1: BOX delivers a simple package containing everything you need to run your event, from check-in to follow-up, including Captello’s industry leading event lead management platform. Select from a variety of rental packages, or purchase BOX to use year-round. https://box.captello.com

2: Hosted Event App: Check registrants in and out of your event, verify tickets, sell tickets and custom add-ons like parking and food service selections, and much more. The Hosted Event app works as a stand alone app, or with a handheld sled for lightning fast scanning and ticket sales. View event activity quickly with in-app summaries and statistics.

3: Online Event Directory: One convenient place to find and register your events.

The Online Directory makes it easy to search and register all of your events. Registrants create online profiles, allowing them to purchase tickets, print tickets, and more. Each event has its own fully customizable profile page that is quick and easy to set up.

4: Registration & Payment System: Build custom registration forms and collect payment for exhibitors or attendees.

5: Flexible Lead Capture Solutions: Supports lead capture using QR code badge scanning, business card transcription, list upload and manual submission (kiosk mode). Exhibitors can use any device to capture user-specified lead data using custom forms, anywhere, and without user restrictions.

6: Arcade of over 30 customizable, brandable interactive game experiences that can be individually licensed to exhibitors to increase booth traffic, brand awareness and engagement or used within a hosted event in the lobby or throughout the event. Unique experiences such as scavenger hunts and global leaderboards increase enthusiasm while delivering unforgettable experiences.

GAMES FOR EVENT ORGANIZERS: https://hello.captello.com/trackURL.php?tkn=3en306aODEWaW9wd

7: The e-Gift Card Rewards Center: Increase Campaign Conversions, Customer Loyalty, and Employee Satisfaction with over 250 internationally recognized e-Gift cards that can be added to games for prizes, or as incentives for completing forms in pre-show marketing campaigns, or visiting booths at the event. Rewards Center includes support for currencies/locations around the world including Europe, Canada, USA and more: https://www.captello.com/gift-card-rewards-and-prizes/

8: Sponsorship Opportunities on registration splash screens, game leaderboards, and more.

9: Built-In Event CRM: Keep track of companies, people, and opportunities surrounding each event. Build unique pipelines to manage event sales such as exhibitor lead capture licenses, exhibitor space, and more.

10: Attendee & Lead Capture Reporting: Keep track of who registers for your event, and who actually shows up. Track additional leads captured and review critical event data in an Event Dashboard.

11: Compatibility & Integrations: Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Integrates with all major CRM, marketing automation, and analytics solutions.

Considering the current trend on virtual events, and the expected emergence of live/hybrid events on the horizon in 2021, Captello is laying the foundation for event success on behalf of all event professionals.

“We want events to succeed wildly in the coming months. In order to do so, upcoming events will require flexibility and creativity on behalf of organizers who will need to provide seamless virtual and live show options for exhibitors and attendees. Captello transcends these barriers by bringing people together with singular event experiences such as games that launch on browser-compatible devices, where virtual and live attendees can interact and engage together whether they are on the show floor, or anywhere in the world; whatever method of attendance they are comfortable with.” – Brad Froese, Director of Marketing, Captello

Captello Event in a Box is available for pre-order now, for show dates beginning as early as April 15, 2021. For information on how Captello can make your events a success today, visit https://captello.com


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