March 15, 2022 Captello

Captello Releases New Resources to Help Event Professionals: Event Lead Capture Grader Tool, Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture e-Book

Captello, the event industry’s leading event lead capture and engagement platform, has published new resources to assist event organizers and exhibitors as they make the most of emerging in-person and hybrid events.

1: The 2022 Event Lead Capture Grader Tool

A free downloadable resource, the Event Lead Capture Grader analyzes 5 critical categories of lead capture for grading, each category containing a number of key parameters. Users enter a current rating for each parameter in each category, which is then scored and charted with a final grade by the grading tool.

The Event Lead Capture Grader factors in new lead capture technology, methods, and industry best practices to compare the users’ existing lead capture process with their maximum lead capture potential to help them improve broken processes, replace old methods, and improve overall event ROI.

The free online Lead Capture Grader can be used directly, or downloaded for free here: Event Lead Capture Grader by Captello

2: The Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture Downloadable e-Book

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture introduces new methods of lead capture, new lead capture tech, lead capture capabilities and integrations, event engagement resources, and recommendations about how show organizers and exhibitors can make events more profitable.

The Ultimate Guide to Event Lead Capture is a free eBook written by Captello. The book covers many topics ranging from the definition of universal lead capture to establishing goals, data collection, mapping out lead flow, how to best qualify leads, lead handoff to sales, best practices, and much more.

Captello has been immersed in lead capture for nearly a decade, working with 1000’s of companies, and obsessing over the quintessential lead capture process. This 21 page book was curated from experience coming from over 10,000 users who provided feedback or input on their lead capture experience.

From building awareness of new methods for lead capture to the way exhibitors and organizers attract and engage trade show attendees, the Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture includes everything event professionals need to make the most of lead capture opportunities, offer creative ideas, and set up for professional success while helping companies come out on top with an unfair share of qualified leads.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture here:

Download your free copy of the Event Lead Capture Grader by Captello HERE.

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