January 29, 2021 Captello

Captello Unveils Contactless Lead Capture Solutions for Event Professionals

Recognizing 2021 as the “Year of Emergence” for post-COVID events, Captello squares up with the challenge of providing contactless lead capture and engagement solutions for corporate event organizers and exhibitors.

“Trade shows will emerge en-masse this year, taking all sorts of shapes and sizes. This will include an increase in virtual events, and as organizers bravely forge back into in-person events, hybrid options. Companies need to meet KPIs and accomplish corporate goals while respecting an individual’s right to decide whether they are ready for a face-to-face experience, or not,” says Brad Froese, Director of Marketing and Communications at Captello.

Captello’s mission is to bridge the gap between live, digital, and virtual experiences so that all participants can engage together in fun and meaningful ways.

“Our solutions are enabling touchless interaction and the collection of event data (lead capture, registration, and payment information) critical to event success to be shared and collected without ever having to touch common surfaces.” – Ryan Schefke, CEO

Captello accomplishes this in a variety of ways unique to the events industry:

1: Contactless Lead Capture for show exhibitors and participants.
In-person and virtual attendees easily scan QR codes with their personal mobile device to launch experiences such as activations, and share important business data via custom forms. Captello’s growing business arcade with over 30 customizable event activations allow virtual and in-person participants to compete for prizes and bragging rights while collecting the data that matters most to them.

2: Touchless Registration and Payment for show organizers.
Captello’s Hosted Solutions check registrants in and out of events, sell / verify tickets and custom add-ons like parking and food service selections, and much more without ever having to touch common surfaces. Users simply scan QR codes, which load registration / payment forms directly onto their personal device for secure processing.

3: Super-Customizable QR-Codes.
Captello’s exclusive QR Code Designer allows users to create brand-centric QR codes with custom colors, design elements and company branding. QR codes can be distributed digitally or physically, then used to open web pages or forms, initiate the download of important documentation, launch activations and interactive game experiences, or as way points for incentivized scavenger hunts – all on personal devices to eliminate the need to touch common surfaces.

Touchless options are available today, included with Captello’s powerful suite of solutions including Universal Lead Capture, Games & Activations for Business, Hosted Event Solutions, and our new Event in a BOX solution for show organizers.

For more information on all these solutions and to test Captello Activations & Rewards for business, visit: www.captello.com


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