November 18, 2020 Captello

Creating Meaningful Digital Relationships

Digital marketing: everyone should be doing it, but not everyone does it well.

Gone are the days of huge email blasts and pre-canned social media crossposts. The only way to create meaningful digital relationships with Prospects is through highly-targeted, personalized content. These are things that we’re sure you’ve heard before, but sometimes going back to basics is the difference between a successful campaign and a flop. So here we go: back to basics.

1: Segment your database

Each of your Prospects have unique needs and interests. Why would you use a shotgun approach when trying to engage with them? Sure, you might get a few to engage, but most are going to ignore you.

If you were presenting live to a Prospect, would you deliver the same message to a CEO that you would to a CTO? Of course not! The same should be true for your digital marketing. 

Leverage Segmentation tools to break your database by role, industry, product or service of interest… anything you can use to target your marketing.

2: Provide incentive

Give your Prospects an incentive to interact with you. Time – and more importantly attention – are important. You need to give your Prospects a reason to gift those to you.

The simplest way is to give them something relevant. If you’ve properly segmented your database, that won’t be hard. Speak to what they care about, to their needs.

Another great way is to give them something unique. Video content tends to lead to significantly higher engagement. After all, wouldn’t you rather watch an interesting case study in action than read yet another white paper?

Best of all, give them something interactive. Consider adding games to your digital content. Games are a wonderful way to break up the monotony of digital content. You can even give extra incentive by putting real prizes on the line with Captello’s Gift Card Rewards Center.


Follow up

Your Prospect interacted with your content? Great!
Your job isn’t over. Always give your Prospects a call to action and a chance to interact with you again.
Send more content in response to what they are interacting with.
Give them more calls to action.

At end the of the day, you should adjust your strategy to match every Prospect’s unique needs. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry! Universal Lead Capture systems like Captello are designed to help manage this for you.

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