August 3, 2022 Captello

Event Innovation: Increasing Engagement & Event Success Post-COVID

It’s 2022, we are a full two years out from the complete shut-down of our world with COVID-19. During that time, we were forced to change. The buzz words during the past few years have been “innovation” “new normal” “hybrid” “creative”. We saw the birth of virtual events, the growth of zoom meetings, the influx of Slack / chat between colleagues, and more.

Everything was digital, everything was convenient and accessible, but somehow, nobody felt truly satisfied with all this “innovation”.

Those of us in the event industry understood what was truly missing – authentic connection.

The opportunity to build relationships with the touch of a handshake, the ability to read body language by standing in proximity to each other. Put plainly – We simply missed the warmth of another soul. The good news – Excitement around face-to-face events continues to build. Booths are being rebuilt, staff is being hired, and attendance is growing. However, what seems to be missing during this time is perhaps the best idea that was generated during the shutdown… innovation.

While forced innovation did not necessarily excite us during 2020, truly inspired innovation, organic creativity, and a fiery passion to create something new is something that is desperately needed in today’s world. Specifically, we need this “innovation” in today’s events and seminars. Speaking with clients from around the world, we hear stories of how clients are still dragging in clunky, heavy Prize Wheels, outdated logo’d swag, flimsy paper documents, collecting business cards in a fishbowl that are easily lost, and writing down leads on a sheet of paper and waiting weeks to finally receive leads from event organizers.

Enter Captello, a solution dripping with innovation that is changing the way we all experience and execute events. Since the return of in-person events, Captello has electrified exhibit spaces and entire event floors with activity, increased collaboration and event lead capture, and excitement around attending and participating in event activities including training sessions, presentations and educational courses for those working on event credentials.

Captello true SaaS platform provides everything event professionals need, from an uber flexible premium lead capture app that gives users complete control of their forms and data to the digital activations that launch on any device anywhere making everything from scavenger hunts to self guided tours and educational gamification an instant gratification for attendees, exhibitors and organizers alike.

Bottom line – There is a better way to engage attendees and collect leads at trade shows. If you’d like to learn how Captello has been innovating the industry the past few years, we’d be glad to set up a time to speak with you. I know that the phrase “new normal” brings back tough memories, but together, as an industry, we can work to truly create a new normal that brings about positive change and provides room for continued growth.

Captello is a multifunctional event platform that provides: Universal Lead Capture, User Customizable Gamification, Marketing Automation, CRM, Lead Management, Sales Enablement, Leader Boards, Point Rewards & e-Gift Cards, Waypoints for Sessions & Scavenger Hunts, Player Profiles, and more with over 3,000 integrations for all common CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

To see how Captello’s growing library of digital activations (games), universal lead capture, and reward-based solutions can help your company generate more leads at your trade shows, contact us today!


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