September 14, 2020 Captello

Give Your Prospects a Reason to Fill Out That Lead Capture Form!

We were recently working with a client who attended a virtual event. They had set up a lead capture form, had automated follow up in their marketing automation system, and automated entering lead data into the CRM. It was the perfect setup, right?

Unfortunately, no. They did capture valuable leads, but a lot fewer than what they were expecting.

What happened?

They didn’t give their leads a reason to fill out that lead capture form. Their virtual booth was set up fine and they had appealing content, but ultimately only those who were already looking for their services interacted. So what could they have done differently?

1: Offer high-value collateral

Many Universal Lead Capture systems like Captello allow you to associate marketing collateral with your event capture form. You can leverage high-collateral as a way to encourage lead capture.

If your marketing team has set up your virtual booth right, your leads may have an idea of what services interest them. Typically this is done with your booth’s summary, a quick video, and probably a brochure. There’s a chance they may want more, but they’re not quite ready to reach out.

Offer up high-value collateral specific to certain use cases. We’re talking white papers and case studies. If your lead is interested, they will probably be willing to fill out a quick lead capture form in return for this content. When using a Universal Lead Capture system, the system can automatically send out the correct collateral based on the lead’s form responses. No manually replying is necessary to deliver the requested content.

2: Gamify

We’ve said it before: virtual events aren’t a lot of fun. Most virtual booths look the same, and leads can only process so many “About Us” blurbs. However, by adding a Virtual Activations, you can break up the monotony.

In our experience, virtual event leads love playing games to help get through the event. In fact, at almost every virtual event where we’ve deployed a game, our client has received direct feedback thanking them for the addition.

If you want to increase engagement, Virtual Activations are a great way to do it!

Check out our gamification library here.

3: Incentivize

You may have noticed a theme in our last two points: We’re giving our leads something in return for their information, and that brings us to our last point.

Give your leads an incentive to interact with you. At live events, this is simple enough. Bring swag to your table. Everyone can use an extra pen! But what about virtual events? Virtual Activations provide the perfect avenue.

While the possibilities are endless, there are two main ways of incentivizing a Virtual Activation:

First is allowing every participant to win a prize. This doesn’t have to be much; if you have partners willing to offer a coupon or discount, you could take advantage here. In fact, even just allowing the lead to play the game may be enough.

The other is a single prize. Depending on your Activation, you could approach this in several ways. You could have a prize-based game (such as whack-a-mole), and the top player on the leaderboard wins. Or, you might do a random prize drawing. Finally, you could have a single, very high-value prize (like a vehicle) as a possible prize in slot machine or scratch off.

Whatever your methods, make sure you give leads a reason to interact.

Contact data and privacy are valuable. Make sure you offer something in return!



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