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How Captello is Helping Companies Go Green

Captello cares about the environment, and we’ve made reducing environmental impact easy for our clients and partners as well.
We do this in a number of ways:

1: Instead of Physical Activations, Provide Digital Activations

Historically, activations such as Spin to Win wheels and tables had to be fabricated from hardware and shipped to event locations with other packages including entry forms, event tickets, game prizes, and more. All this had to be shipped from place to place, sorted, and distributed after the event. Post-event, data had to be entered and sorted by hand.

Captello’s digital activations remedy all these problems with customizable games that launch anywhere, on any mobile device, with leaderboards that provide sponsorship opportunities and display live contest information on video displays, omitting the need for shipping, printing, and the resulting waste.

Digital activations save time and streamline data collection & distribution by integrating seamlessly with existing CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Not having to deliver physical goods required to build on-site activations reduces pollution created by transportation and eliminates waste caused by throwing away tangible items that easily become used and out dated.


2: Award Alternatives Such as e-Gift Card Rewards

Captello’s e-Gift Card Reward Center makes it easy to award participants with digital e-Gift Cards that are delivered by email or SMS. e-Gift cards are delivered virtually, with no paper waste or physical delivery requirements. Recipients get the pleasure of choosing their favorites from a selection of over 250 gift cards from famous international retailers, restaurants, non-profit organizations and more in a number of international denominations and destinations.

The Reward Center makes the process of sending and receiving rewards convenient and environmentally friendly. Digital rewards are a great replacement for swag and other trade show “freebies” that companies, and attendees, often end up discarding.


3: Reduce Waste from Printed Handouts with QR Codes

Instead of printed brochures and manuals on the classic documentation rack, go digital! Customizable QR codes with company colors and branding can be built easily in Captello’s QR Code Builder, then deployed digitally to reduce waste, or on labels in lieu of signage. QR codes can point to any virtual destination or experience, directing participants through engaging virtual events, games, virtual or physical booths. QR Codes and Labels give exhibitors and show organizers the ability to market and display in a digital, physical or hybrid medium opening up events to a much broader audience without travel or shipping restrictions.


4: Go Digital with Lead Retrieval

Captello’s Universal Lead Capture app takes lead capture and content distribution digital. Instead of collecting hundreds of business cards, users can scan business card data rapidly. Business card data is automatically transcribed into data, eliminating the need for data entry post-event, and saving the waste of distributing business cards by hand.


5: Convert Class Event Activities to Digital Destinations

Another opportunity to keep events clean is with event related activities. Consider a scavenger hunt, for example, where attendees are encouraged to follow documentation or maps to specific booths or experiences to complete a journey and collect a reward. With Captello, these assets can all be delivered and presented digitally. Content, such as checklists, white papers, brochures and other materials that are typically printed in mass, can be stored easily inside the app and distributed to prospects by email or SMS. Now the entire event can be handled digitally.


6: Bridging the Virtual – Physical Gap with Hybrid Solutions

Digital games, QR Codes, and leaderboards bridge the physical-digital divide by enabling attendees to participate together in immersive, interactive and competitive events from any location in the world. This gives people the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they are ready to attend in person events or access an event via remote connectivity, without sacrificing community and involvement opportunities that contribute to relationship building.

This approach to events makes it possible for exhibitors and event organizers to reach larger audiences with a much smaller carbon footprint while respecting personal opinions about personal health decisions, social distancing, and face to face meetings while providing contactless solutions that bring everyone together to foster the relationships and business opportunities that events were designed for.


7: Turnkey Event Solutions

With the re-emergence of in-person and new hybrid events, it is important for businesses to focus on solutions that save resources, reduce costs associated with events, and provide simpler approaches to event management with less hardware waste.

In the same way that carpooling saves gas and reduces traffic, Captello’s Hosted Event Solution, Event in a Box, offers the opportunity for event organizers to share resources on an as-needed basis.

Equipment such as scanners, mobile devices, registration devices, badge printers, routers and modems, and event management software are packaged in a simple configuration based on event size and individual needs, then sent out on a per-event basis.

This saves event organizers the cost of expensive hardware, hardware and firmware updates, repairs and maintenance, and the cost of peripherals and planning which leads to efficiencies of time and space.

EventGen, the software platform behind Event in a Box, enables organizers to save further by taking registration and ticketing as far digital as they want to go. Tickets can be distributed digitally, just like airplane tickets, and stored in digital wallets for easy access and convenient check-in-check out.



Captello is on a mission to provide innovative solutions that make marketing and events easier to execute, and more profitable than ever. We’re investing in ways to make the event life easier, more efficient, and cleaner for years to come.

View input from Captello and 14 other company experts on the topic of sustainability: https://blog.pcnametag.com/sustainability-ideas

Captello provides creative all-in-one solutions for marketing & event professionals.

Gamification and Universal Lead Capture solutions from Captello help businesses create meaningful experiences that attract new opportunities and engage people in a deeper way with company branding, values, products, and solutions. A flexible builder enables rapid customization of interactive games, QR codes, and lead capture forms that send data through user-defined workflows including lead quality scoring, lead assignment, follow up tasks by email, SMS, postcards and handwritten letters, and instant export to CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

E-Gift Card Rewards make follow up, reward fulfillment, and campaign or employee incentivization a snap. Encourage participants to pay attention to important messaging and build memorable brand experiences across digital, in person, and hybrid mediums with prizes from the Rewards Center, including over 250 internationally recognized gift card brands available in multiple currencies and countries.

Captello’s Hosted Event Solution, Event in a Box, makes running events a snap for event organizers by providing hardware-software bundles delivered on-site in convenient, travel-proof packaging. Event in a Box delivers a simple package containing everything you need to run your event, from check-in to follow-up, including Captello’s industry leading event lead management platform. BOX packages all the hardware and accessories event organizers need to run events of any size. Complete with mobile devices, stands, printers, scanners, credit card terminals, and preloaded software, Captello takes the guesswork out of setting up events.


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