March 8, 2022 Captello

How Good is My Event Lead Capture Process?

Subjectively Rating your Event Lead Capture Process

Are you responsible for lead retrieval when your company exhibits at events? Do you participate in lead capture at any of your company’s events? Are you overseeing the success of your company’s trade show experience? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you’re in the right place.

It’s hard to truly know how good your event lead capture process is. Subjectively speaking, you might think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. And, why wouldn’t you? It’s your baby, and I doubt you would call your own baby ugly – let alone let someone else throw “shade” on your baby. But humor me, let’s take emotions out of the equation for a moment and ask ourselves, are we really doing everything we can to maximize every opportunity for lead, revenue, and “brand moment” capture?

It’s worth taking an objective approach to analyze your company’s event lead capture process. And why not, you owe it to yourself to do that, especially when you’re likely investing $7,500 to $100K+ in your company’s trade show or event presence.

Objectively Rating your Event Lead Capture Process

We interviewed over 10,000 participants, ranging from sales people to marketing people to event professionals to better understand their lead capture process – both secrets and shortcomings. The culmination of this research resulted in a breakdown of 25 specific processes that span five (5) categories, which make up a highly rated lead capture process. These categories include preparation, methods, qualification, communication, and storing & analyzing. The categories and parameters were built into a tool, which we call the Event Lead Capture Grader, to help companies like yours determine how good (or bad) their lead capture process is.

To use the tool, enter in your rating within each of the five (5) requirements from each category. The program will use the assigned weight to calculate your respective rating within each category. The category rating is then combined to form a single rating, from 0 to 10, for your overall event lead capture process. Use your rating as inspiration to figure out how you can increase your score and get to an industry-leading rating of 10.

To quote Gartner,

“B2B Marketers with mature lead management practices are 2X more productive at creating and closing opportunities.”

What are you waiting for? Take the time to find out how good your event lead capture process really is.

Download your free copy of the Event Lead Capture Grader by Captello HERE.

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