January 11, 2022 Captello

Captello Increases Value for Trade Show Exhibitors and Event Organizers

The enthusiastic emergence of in-person trade show events has revealed differences in the way events are experienced, and who is showing up to attend them.

Recent studies show that, amidst Corona Virus variants and a variety of vaccines, face masks, and social distancing rules and regulations, companies are much more selective about who is attending trade shows. This is the result of many factors that include:

  • Company management respects the concerns of team members who are not ready to travel to events or accept a vaccine.
  • Reduced travel expenses due to restricted budgets.
  • Companies sending only critical team members to events.

As a result, events are experiencing lower attendance rates – on average 50% to 70% below pre-COVID numbers, but with higher quality connections. The decrease of passive attendees and increase of higher quality decision makers on trade show floors has produced the sort of value expos and events are expected to render, in the form of connections, partnerships, and new deals.

With a reduction in show floor traffic and higher quality leads, exhibitors and show organizers have increased focus on how to attract, engage, and capture show traffic by employing solutions that drive hybrid engagement, increasing participation at the physical and virtual booth space.

Captello, the industry leader in event engagement and lead capture solutions, mobilized their events team at the latest EXHIBITORLIVE expo to demonstrate the power of games that educate, entertain, and incentivize participation.

Their new Waypoints platform uses brandable QR codes as tour stops that can be morphed into a treasure hunt experience or incentivize attendance in sessions, meetings and exhibits.

Waypoints turn any physical or virtual location or asset into a reference point that can reward attendees based on participation. Points can be accumulated for each engagement point, and displayed on a leaderboard anywhere at the event, on a web page, kiosk, or any connected personal device.

Captello’s Treasure Hunt experience at EXHIBITORLIVE acted as a self guided tour with over $8,000 in sponsored prizes from participating exhibitors. Upon visiting any Treasure Hunt stop on the tour, attendees enter the participating sponsor’s booth, engage in a short conversation about their products or services, and scan a Treasure Hunt QR Code. The QR code rewards the visitor points for their participation, or challenges them to play a fun game on their personal device. The game score and point rewards are added to their leaderboard total.

Treasure Hunt participants travel through the show floor searching for participating stops and accumulating points on the Treasure Hunt leaderboard for their share of prizes and rewards.

“Waypoints and activations offer exhibiting companies a unique advantage, in that you now have a breed of participants whose sole focus is to visit your Waypoints, because they will be rewarded for doing so. This builds positive brand associations and fun experiences, along with intrinsic knowledge that sticks in their mind and gives them something interesting to share with colleagues.” Brad Froese, Director of Marketing – Captello

Data collected from exhibitors using activations at virtual or in person trade shows over the previous 18 months reflects an average 35% increase in engagement and a 4x increase in leads captured.

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