July 13, 2020 Captello

Lead Capture at Virtual Events

We’re dependent more on our connected devices than at any point in history. There’s never been another time when so many people work from home, have dinner with extended family over Zoom, and overall rely on screen sharing for social interaction. It’s surprisingly exhausting.

Many people, including your clients, are facing digital overload. It seems like every part of life out of the home is done digitally. And now, event organizers are holding some of the biggest conferences in the world online.

While virtual events do still expose your brand to new clients, they come with many challenges.
Here are the biggest ones we’ve identified:

    • Every virtual “booth” looks the same with different logos painted on.

    • Virtual event organizers rarely provide contact lists of who visited your booth.

    • One-on-one interaction with Prospects is limited to chat.

    • Virtual events aren’t fun.

How do you stand out at digital events?

How do you speak to an audience tired of live streams and communicating through chat boxes?

1: Distinguish yourself from other exhibitors

It’s difficult to stand out when you’re limited to a simple graphic of a booth that every other exhibitor is also using. So what are other ways you can catch someone’s eye?

Give them something fun to do. After tedious hours of reading PDFs and watching videos, imagine your relief when you get to spend a couple of minutes playing Whack-a-Mole. Maybe you even beat your coworker’s high score on the Leaderboard!

Gamification is an instant draw for many Prospects, especially if there are prizes involved. At Captello, we’ve taken gamification to the next level. Using our web-based Activations, you can make your booth the most popular at the event.


2: Incentivize

Unless you manage to grab someone’s contact information while they’re at your booth, you’ll probably never see them again. You’ve got to encourage them to give you their contact data. Since virtual events rarely give out contact info, you’ll need to use solutions like Captello’s Event Lead Capture forms.  

However, most Prospects won’t want to just give away their information. To encourage them, you should incentivize them. Prize drawings are a common method, but you can combine gamification with lead capture. Your Prospects could instantly win a prize playing a game, but to claim their prize they have to fill out the form. It’s both fun and a great way to get to know your visitors.

3: Follow up

Because of the limited interaction, it’s more important than ever that you follow up. With Captello, every Prospect gets automated follow up. Better yet, the follow up can be completely personalized for the Prospect’s interests.

Take it a step further with physical mail. Why send more digital content when you can grab someone’s attention with a personalized postcard? Or, you can give the personal touch with a handwritten letter sent automatically from Captello.

Virtual events aren’t going anywhere any time soon.
If you adapt your strategy, you can set yourself apart and get back to collecting leads.



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