August 31, 2021 Captello

CASE STUDY: Lead Capture for Speakers & Conferences

I recently attended a hybrid conference. It was an opportunity for me to learn from the experts, find out what is new in our industry, and connect with colleagues I have not seen in a long time. I also wanted to see one speaker in particular (a client) that was using Captello lead capture games to engage the audience. Here is what I observed.

There were 8 sessions, which I attended over two days. Each session was 1 hour long. Of these 8 sessions, 6 of the speakers were simply talking and showing a few powerpoint slides. One speaker did send out a poll to their virtual audience and shared the results with both the virtual and live audiences to discuss. But the one speaker who was using Captello engaged both the live and virtual audience in a completely different way… plus, walked away with 59 leads! Here is what they did.

  1. PREPARING THE AUDIENCE: When we entered the room there was a slideshow running as we were waiting. It explained that this would be an interactive session and to have our phone ready and that prizes would be awarded to the most engaged participants. It also gave us a QR Code to scan to play a fun game while we were waiting and get comfortable using our phone. (I crushed this game by the way!)
  2. ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE IN LEARNING: The speaker’s presentation was broken down into 3 parts. Each part had 1 image on the screen when the speaker was teaching, followed by a QR Code for us to scan. The QR Codes led us to different learning games designed to test how well people were paying attention to the content and reinforce the key takeaways.
  3. CREATE A COMPETITIVE ATMOSPHERE: We were sitting at tables so, before we played, we were asked to identify which table we were sitting at. (This was great as it created a competitive atmosphere AND anyone who would normally not participate would have to jump in and not let their team down! The virtual audience was put on teams too! Our table played a total of 3 educational games.
  4. REWARD YOUR AUDIENCE: Towards the end of the session, the speaker announced that they would be giving away prizes to the top 3 individual players with the highest combined score from all 3 games AND the team with the highest combined scores! BUT, we had one more challenge which was a super fun game! You could literally feel the energy in the room heighten as it was “game on” and everyone was ready to play! Once we played, the speaker announced they would be showing us a Master Leaderboard that was gathering all of our individual and team scores. When it was revealed, the room cheered and celebrated the top players and team. In the end, my team did not win, but there were 3 individual winners who received $100 eGift cards (electronically fulfilled by their Captello Gift Card Rewards system) and a team of 8 at table – 4 that were excited to win bluetooth earbuds! The speaker also invited everyone to visit their booth to meet their team and pick up a small gift. SMART!
  5. THE RESULTS: That last fun game we played was tied to a lead capture form where attendees could request a copy of the presentation, product information, or a meeting. When the event was all over, I met with our client and here is an overview of their results:

There were 10 tables of 8 in the room. It was almost sold out with 63 people attending in person. Online, there were another 30+ attendees attending. Of all attendees, 61 participated in person and 22 participated online. Of the 83 who participated, 59 became leads! (44 requested more information and 15 requested a follow up meeting after the show with their sales team.)

As for the attendees… We got to engage with their brand in a fun and memorable way! I could not have been more proud of how well our client utilized Captello Gamification and Universal Lead Capture. They really took our advice to heart and stood out over every other session, created an engaging and memorable brand experience, and they were the only speaker to actually capture leads! It was an amazing success story that I had to share.

Now, if only the event organizer had Captello’s Event Engagement Studio setup, they could have gamified the entire event! Attendees could have scored points for engaging in every session, and earned points for meeting with exhibitors and sponsors too!

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