May 1, 2020 Captello

How to Qualify Your Leads from Trade Shows and Events

Historically, you may have just purchased a lead capture app from the event and probably used a handheld scanner. Those are essentially, a thing of the past. But, at any rate you need a system to capture your leads.

Most of the time, you don’t have a lot of flexibility in terms of custom data that you might be able to collect in your form when you capture your leads.

So, it is important to think, how should I categorize these people?

Questions to Ask:

What would be the important qualifiers, that I want my team on the show floor to ask in order to qualify those leads?
As an example, this could be their buying timeframe. Are they looking to make a decision within a month, or three months, or perhaps some time longer?

What is their job title?

Are they a senior person?

What is the call to action?

Is it a demo?

Is it a phone call?

There are multiple ways to qualify the lead once you have those qualifiers in your system, so make sure you’re choosing a flexible system like Captello to capture your qualifiers.

Once you get your leads, you’ve got a couple ways to qualify: through GRADING or SCORING.


Typically, scoring is more of a marketing automation concept. Scores range from one to 1000. Some systems are different, but it’s a way to measure engagement.

So, after you capture the lead, are they engaging? In the dating world that would be like going on a date. Did that person call me back?

Did they recommend a second date?

What happened?

Did they write me an email?

Did they send me a text message?


Also, you’ve got grading. Grading is a way to identify how well a fit, somebody is for you.

Do they match your ideal client profile?

Are they a fit for who you’re looking for?

In the dating world you can decide you need somebody who’s ideal height is a minimum five foot 10, certain hair color, whatever

it might be as your qualifier.

Grading is identifying somebody that’s a good match for you.

Typically in grading you grade from F all the way up to A plus. In the business world, maybe you’re only selling to people who are in North America. If you get somebody from overseas, they’re grade is “F” because they don’t match your ideal client profile.

So use grading and use scoring – and make sure you’ve got a flexible platform to collect all of your lead qualifiers!

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