July 16, 2020 Captello

The Power of the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time

If you are not happy with the engagement levels that you have been seeing; it is not necessarily because your content isn’t relevant or helpful. The problem is that your content may not be relevant to a particular recipient at a particular time.

Technologies like CRM, Sales Enablement, and Marketing automation have made this even more challenging as marketers often take a “numbers game” approach instead of thinking about how they can make one person go, “wow”.


Top 3 suggestions:

1. Work to achieve the most direct targets possible.

If I can narrow my list to a group of individuals that enjoy a certain sports team: great.  If I can limit that list to a group of people that share a favorite player on that team: better.   If I can bring that message to the people with the same favorite player immediately after he/she had a great game:  now you have a marketing winner!
Great Targets + Great Messaging = Successful Engagements.


2. Demonstrate to the recipient that you chose them for a reason and are prepared to invest in their time.

This could be a thoughtful giveaway, or a donation to the recipient’s favorite charity. By investing in your prospects, even symbolically, you are telling them that they were targeted for a special reason; and that you value their time. While a small donation may not seem like a big deal, symbolically it shows that you care about things that are important to them… and that you are not targeting everyone in the hemisphere with this offer.
Listening = Understanding = Relationships being developed.


3.) Keep it short as short as possible.

If you are sending a white paper, provide a synopsis of topics and benefits that are to be expanded upon.  If it’s an email, keep it to 2 sentences or less with links to the details. People are busy and you need to give them a reason to dive into your content. If you can pique their curiosity, they may be willing to examine later when they have more time.

Timing = Availability + Interest = Greatest engagement levels possible.

Conclusion:  Just by reading this blog we know that you are currently more interested in increasing the performance of messaging than most (at this given time). How do you determine if your messaging is reaching the right people? How do we know if our solution meets the needs of the people reading your content?
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