January 6, 2020 Captello

Software Solutions for Making Meaningful Connections

Software is the intelligence that connects our society today. It makes specially designed hardware meaningful. Quietly processing workflows, software takes care of billions of tasks every minute of the day – from turning on lights to building complex databases… And it handles most of our daily communications.

Software connects people, right? At least it should! It could be argued that staring into our mobile devices to read emails and texts takes away from meaningful connections. So how does it actually help build them?

Without reading any further, identify 3 meaningful activities you participated in over the past 5 years that you associated with positive relationship connections.

I’ll bet at least one of them falls into one of these categories:

Activity 1: GAME TIME

Games are fun activities that we can all connect with positive memories and meaningful connections. Games have taught us how to strategize, how to be team players, and how to persevere. They are a cause for celebration and a good reason to laugh, compete, and start a great conversation. Whether puzzles, board games, or sports, we can all recall times when watching or participating in these activities were a powerful glue that helped strengthen bonds with friends and family.

The software version of game time is called gamification: the application of game playing into other activities… in this case, trade show exhibiting and lead retrieval, to encourage deeper engagement with a product or service.

Statistics report these exciting facts about gamification:

1: Conversion rate of companies that use gamification: 700%

With conversion numbers like that, who cares about the rest, right?

2: Employees age 45+ who agree that gamification improves their work: 97%

3: Startups who are reportedly integrating gamification into their strategy: 50%

Gamification does an incredible job of producing memorable experiences with peers and products. Thank you, software!!

Captello Lead Capture software has ingeniously leveraged the power of gamification in trade show event applications to improve the quality of connections and increase lead capture.

Captello gamifications are called Activations. In addition to new era lead capture solutions that improve workflow, such as automations & sales rhythms that save tons of post event time for sales, marketing & CRM staff, Captello makes it easy to launch interactive booth activities that increase booth traffic and qualified lead capture.

Captello Activations seamlessly integrate customizable lead capture forms into the game playing process, so while prospects and their team members are building memorable experiences with your booth staff, brand and products, they’re also entering an automated workflow (thank you again, software) that takes them through the funnel from happy and engaged to involved, informed and sales qualified.


A special sentiment or personal communication reflecting on common / shared experiences goes a long way… Especially if it’s genuine!

When was the last time someone from a trade show wrote you a hand written letter mentioning the pleasure of connecting with you, with topics specific to your conversation and your company’s felt needs? What if they sent you a personalized text that day before you even left the trade show floor? I guarantee you would remember that connection much more than you would the guy who handed you a free branded pen or sun visor hat.

Captello is flexible enough to let you configure workflows and personalized responses (including flexible merge fields for that incredibly personal touch) well in advance of the event. During the event you can focus on capturing leads and building relationships. At the point of capture, prospects flow directly and securely into your CRM and immediately enter a workflow designed to score, qualify, and send meaningful communications at user-defined intervals. Send SMS, emails, hand written letters and postcards without thinking twice at the show.

After the show, relax. Captello takes care of reporting, calculating show ROI and more, which brings me to…


Yes, I’m calling this an activity because every activity requires that something GET DONE, and that a person or group intentionally DOES or has done SOMETHING toward the overall success of an operation.

Funny thing… When people DO something, they also like to be recognized for putting in the hard work. Teams love to share big wins and group successes. Administrators and Executives like to know what their team has done and what that means to the overall success of the company. This is what Captello really delivers: a comprehensive workflow – from capture to close – that supports and enhances every effort, integrates natively with CRM and marketing automation, and identifies key metrics to overall team and event success.

Captello produces comprehensive reports and calculates show ROI in real time, on an ongoing basis so that everyone can RECOGNIZE AND APPRECIATE the rewards of their heart-felt labor and be appreciated as a well oiled, lead generating, deal closing team!

Software is worth its weight in gold time saved. Captello has all the solutions you can dream of to make your next event a big win for your company.
For more information about how you can get started with Captello, request a simple personalized demo at https://www.captello.com/demo

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Captello provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions that help businesses worldwide attract, convert and close leads.

Lead capture enthusiasts, such as trade show coordinators, retail marketers, and event marketers directly benefit from improved lead retrieval workflow, in particular, being able to send marketing qualified leads to an endless array of CRM and marketing automation platforms. The solution empowers enthusiasts to do their job better by effectively measuring results, capturing crucial sales insights, and supercharging their organization with a seamless lead flow process from capture to close.

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