January 26, 2021 Captello

Swervy Bird Can Deliver Your Next Lead

We are proud to announce the addition of Swervy Bird to our growing collection of games for business.

Swervy Bird is a fun and engaging touch-based game with simple mechanics based on screen taps, which propel the bird avatar into the air, through openings and around obstacles without hitting them. Points are gained as players successfully traverse obstacles.

Captello’s games are semi-custom in nature, allowing for easy customization of colors, graphics and branding with an intuitive CMS. Swervy Bird, along with Captello’s entire suite of games capture lead data from customizable forms, and send data instantly to any CRM or Marketing Automation platform. Most importantly, these games with lead capture are cost-effective, simple and FUN!

Like all the rest of games offered by Captello, Swervy Bird is a great tool for driving active engagement to your live events and marketing campaigns. Here’s why:


It’s Fun:

Bird games have been among the most popular games in app stores, loved by casual gamers all over the world. Swervy Bird takes the bird game concept to events and marketing campaigns where you can drive more engagement through fun, interaction.

It’s competitive and addictive:

The best part about Swervy Bird is that competitors always feel the pressure to outperform their last high score. There’s always plenty of room to master your skills in this fight against gravity. Swervy Bird’s customizable leaderboard further enhances the competition, and brings people back for more. 

Swervy Bird is simple but challenging… and the game collects data rapidly:

You’re all set with just a screen touch or mouse click! Launch Swervy bird on any web page, on any device, in any virtual or live venue. Swervy bird comes with integrated lead capture that can be set to require data input before or after game play. Games can optionally be launched without lead capture for unlimited game play or demonstrations. Use Swervy Bird with Captello’s included e-Gift Card Rewards to offer prizes that are awarded automatically after game play!

What happens to your data? It arrives at your CRM or marketing automation platform immediately via any of our over 2,000 enterprise ready integrations, so you never have to wait to get results and begin following up new leads.

Thank you Swervy Bird, by Captello!!

It’s time for you to play Swervy Bird! Click here to play now.

We hope this article helps you understand that games can be a very valuable marketing asset used to engage, educate, and entertain your audience. Consider using games for marketing in your next campaign! Visit www.captello.com to learn more about games, and for a test drive of some of our top played games!


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