December 18, 2020 Captello

The Real Goals of Marketing

As we wrap up 2020, it is important to keep in sight what your marketing goals should help achieve in the new year. Whether you plan to exhibit at or attend more events, or focus more on digital marketing and increasing engagement online, your goals as a marketer should not change. 

Ultimately, marketing activities should be planned to:

1: Create Sales Opportunities

  • Create “sales ready” opportunities
  • It is the job of sales to close and account for the business

2: Accelerate the Close of Business Deals

  • Improve the speed, probability and amount of sales

These primary goals are measurable:

  • Number and value of sales opportunities created
  • Reduction in time to close business
  • Improvements in close ratios
  • Changes in average deal size

Remember, the sales team is the primary customer of marketing (and the arbiter of marketing success).

Sales is arguably the most important business function:

    • The sales forecast is the basis for the entire finance and budgeting process of a business
    • Sales is solely responsible for revenue
    • Everyone else is a contributor to cost

3: Maintain, Protect and Grow existing business and protect customer relationships

    • All other marketing goals are in support of goals 1, 2 or 3.

When you orient your event marketing program to accomplish these goals, your results and your prestige as an astute manager of the business will increase!

Captello has the solutions to help make the above goals easier to achieve and measure. Whether you need a universal lead capture system, sales or marketing automation tools, or engaging digital games, we can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2021.


Captello provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions that help businesses worldwide attract, convert and close leads.

Lead capture enthusiasts, such as trade show coordinators, retail marketers, and event marketers directly benefit from improved lead retrieval workflow, in particular, being able to send marketing qualified leads to an endless array of CRM and marketing automation platforms. The solution empowers enthusiasts to do their job better by effectively measuring results, capturing crucial sales insights, and supercharging their organization with a seamless lead flow process from capture to close.


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