March 4, 2022 Captello

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture

The McFly Moment

How good is your lead capture process at events? Take a moment to really think about the importance, as well as the magnitude, of this topic. As an event coordinator or marketer, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of preparing for your trade show. There’s a lot to do, including booth design, booth setup, team training/alignment, social events, sponsorships, reserving next year’s booth, tear down, and much more. But wait, what about those leads?!

Chances are, you’re attending the trade show to get more leads, increase brand awareness, or both.

I know this seems like a “hello McFly” moment (citing my love for Back to the Future), but leads should not be an afterthought; rather, a forethought.

Regardless of your goals, it’s imperative that you maximize your own potential, as well as your company’s potential.

First, Establish a Baseline

Let’s start with establishing a baseline. We recently released the Event Lead Capture Grader. The Event Lead Capture Grader is a tool that any event professional can use to grade their company’s effectiveness at lead capture.

We encourage you to start here: Download the complimentary grader and get a baseline for where you stand. The Event Lead Capture Grader will also get your mind turning a bit, allowing you to think of things you might not have known are possible.

Alternatively, cause you to reassess your company’s current practices. With your event lead capture grade in hand, take the next steps and spend 30 minutes reading The Ultimate Guide to Event Lead Capture.

The Ultimate Guide to Event Lead Capture is a free eBook written by Captello.

The book covers many topics ranging from the definition of universal lead capture, establishing goals, collecting data collection, mapping out lead flow, how to best qualify leads, lead handoff to sales, best practices, and much more. We’ve been immersed in lead capture for nearly a decade, working with 1000s of companies, and obsessing over the quintessential lead capture process.

This 21 page book was curated from experience coming from over 10,000 users who provided feedback or input on their lead capture experience. And now, you get to benefit. In this Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture, you’ll learn several key approaches and strategies for lead capture at events. The guide will help you make the most of your lead capture opportunities, offer creative ideas, and set you up for professional success while helping your company come out on top with an unfair share of qualified leads.

Download your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Lead Capture here.

Captello is a multifunctional event platform that provides: Universal Lead Capture, User Customizable Gamification, Marketing Automation, CRM, Lead Management, Sales Enablement, Leader Boards, Point Rewards & e-Gift Cards, Waypoints for Sessions & Scavenger Hunts, Player Profiles, and more with over 2,000 integrations for all common CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

To see how Captello’s growing library of digital activations (games), universal lead capture, and reward-based solutions can help your company generate more leads at your trade shows, contact us today!


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