September 3, 2020 Captello

Captello Announces the Event Industry’s First Universal Lead Capture Certification Program

In an effort to provide Event Industry professionals with advanced continuing education, Captello has developed the first ever Universal Lead Capture (ULC) Certification Program. The program focuses on important concepts around lead capture; before, during and after an event or marketing campaign.

The certification program helps individuals grow while increasing the value of the services they provide to their company.

“Captello and its partners want to offer event professionals an opportunity to advance their careers and knowledge, while giving employers an opportunity to better evaluate new hires, motivate employees, and select providers.” – Brad Froese, DM

As an industry leading software developer, Captello is uniquely positioned to offer the ULC Certification Program which introduces new time and cost saving solutions, as well as a suite of lead capture gamification experiences, that contribute to event ROI and overall success.

“Captello and Victory Productions decided to collaborate on the Universal Lead Capture Certification (ULCC) program to improve the state of the event industry. ULCC has already proved to be a valuable asset to event professionals and the events industry as a whole. We’ve made significant investments to provide opportunities for professional growth while offering solutions to streamline productivity and bring people together despite the challenges of location or proximity.” Bill McGlade, Founder – Victory Productions, LLC

Benefits to Exhibitors, Trade Show Organizers, and Exhibit Houses:

  • Gain an edge over the competition.
  • Develop a standard of assured excellence as an event professional.
  • Generate added value to your organization.
  • Demonstrate commitment to professional development.
  • Gain practical skills for the job and focus on the knowledge and skills needed to perform real-world event lead capture responsibilities.
  • Build leadership skills.
  • Develop / enhance skill sets.
  • Increase recognition with employers / recruiters.
  • Improve job security and advancement.

Universal Lead Capture Certification is currently available at no cost to all event professionals and lead capture enthusiasts. Upon completion, graduates are given a certificate of completion to showcase new knowledge and proficiency in universal lead capture.

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