February 12, 2021 Captello

Waypoints: Engaging the Right People at the Right Locations

Driving traffic to physical and virtual locations just became easier.

  • Waypoints are physical or virtual location assets meant to engage, educate, or convert leads.

These can include but are not limited to: trade show booths, product displays, web pages, white papers & brochures, gamification experiences, geographical checkpoints, and more. Waypoints can be established virtually or physically with QR Codes.

  • Waypoints can be assigned values, such as engagement points or scores that prospects, customers, employees and trainees can use toward winning prizes or incentives, such as e-gift card rewards.

Captello’s Custom QR Code Builder enables companies to embed brand logos, colors, and design features into QR Codes, which can then be physically or digitally distributed, positioned in any virtual or physical location, and scanned by phone, or clicked by mouse to launch interactive experiences.

  • Waypoints with Custom QR Codes bridge the physical-virtual gap, allowing all participants to come together and engage in common experiences in a safe and contactless way. Scan or click Waypoints on any personal mobile device or computer.

Drive the right people to any number of random or sequenced Waypoints to deliver content and customer experiences. Use Captello’s powerful Custom Forms Builder to collect precise data at any Waypoint, which is then used to track user engagement and sent directly to any CRM or Marketing Automation platform.

  • Leaderboards provide branding and sponsorship opportunities, and can be displayed easily on any web page. Customize leaderboards with images, colors, branding, and custom web content. Configure leaderboards to display combined scores from any number of Waypoints for any number of participants.

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