May 17, 2023 Captello

Boomset Alternatives to Power Your Event

Hopin hit their stride during the pandemic, selling license after license to companies looking to run their events on a virtual platform. Having raised a total of $1B over 8 rounds, Hopin was flush with capital. Realizing that humans cannot interact with each other solely over the computer, they invested in Boomset to create – dare I say, a “hybrid” event strategy. In other words, the strategy was to support in-person events as well as online. However, the plan missed the mark as Hopin realized their online platform and investment in StreamYard for live video streaming was the way forward. 

This change in direction abandoned an in-person strategy. The shift in focus has left many companies using Boomset for lead retrieval or registration without a solution. There are alternatives for Boomset out in the market though. Captello, a leading event lead capture and event management platform has been there to help.

Captello first began helping large corporations with next level lead capture solutions for every trade show they exhibited at. Their lead capture solution was coined
Universal Lead Capture (ULC) because of its flexibility to work anywhere, for any number of users.

With the growth of in-person events and the phasing-out of platforms like Boomset, Captello now offers organizers a Premium Lead Capture (PLC) solution with unique business models allowing organizers or exhibitors to purchase PLC directly, and build or adjust lead capture forms on their own terms.

Complementing Premium Lead Capture, Captello offers EventGen, a convenient
event management platform that includes registration, ticketing, check-in, badging, and session scanning. Rounding out the portfolio, Captello’s suite of gamification solutions give organizers opportunities to engage attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors while turning their event into a profit center.

The combination of premium lead capture and event management solutions provides the perfect solution for companies needing to replace Boomset. Captello can also be used in components, with lead capture or registration purchased individually. Captello’s premium lead capture solution integrates with over 100 registration platforms.

Learn more about Boomset alternatives available now from Captello.

Captello is a multifunctional event platform that provides: Universal Lead Capture, User Customizable Gamification, Marketing Automation, CRM, Lead Management, Sales Enablement, Leader Boards, Point Rewards & e-Gift Cards, Waypoints for Sessions & Scavenger Hunts, Player Profiles, and more with over 3,000 integrations for all common CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

To see how Captello’s growing library of digital activations (games), universal lead capture, and reward-based solutions can help your company generate more leads at your trade shows, contact us today! 

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