April 14, 2020 Captello

Is your Lead Capture solution delivering the level of integration you need?

If you’re considering universal lead capture for your business, make sure you talk to your solutions provider about the level of integration that they can provide with the systems that you might use.

A couple of things to consider:

1: Is your company using an analytics platform where you need to take that data and send that into the analytics platform?

2: Are you using a CRM or a marketing automation system?

3: Can your provider separate leads?

Perhaps you want to send leads to your CRM, and also into your marketing automation platform.
Can they do both?

Consider the different levels of integration.
Some providers may push only basic data into your CRM or marketing automation system.

Make sure that all of the data that you collect, which is likely very unique and custom to your business, can also be mapped and saved in the appropriate fields within your CRM or your marketing automation system.

If you’re a large enterprise and you’re using these very large enterprise CRM or marketing automation platforms, consider if they offer an event marketing or an event CRM system to help you, as part of the event team, manage and process your leads before you get them sent over to your CRM or marketing automation system.

Thank you, and good luck at your event!


Captello provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation solutions that help businesses worldwide attract, convert and close leads.

Lead capture enthusiasts, such as trade show coordinators, retail marketers, and event marketers directly benefit from improved lead retrieval workflow, in particular, being able to send marketing qualified leads to an endless array of CRM and marketing automation platforms. The solution empowers enthusiasts to do their job better by effectively measuring results, capturing crucial sales insights, and supercharging their organization with a seamless lead flow process from capture to close.


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