April 30, 2020 Captello

The Importance of Lead Follow-Up

When you consider Universal lead capture from a provider, it’s a very important topic.

Statistics indicate that 35 to 50 percent of all sales go to the provider that follows up first.

Another important statistic to note is that, when you meet people at a trade show, they may not buy from you initially, however 70 percent of all the people that you meet will eventually buy from someone.


Lead follow-up is crucial, so it’s important to know exactly what you are getting with your provider.

Make sure you understand the types of follow-up that they can provide.

1: Do they provide text message follow-up?

2: Can they provide email follow-up?

3: What about offline marketing communication like postcards, or maybe handwritten letters?

Also, when can they provide the follow-up?

1: Is there follow-up in real-time, right when you capture the lead?

2: Is the follow-up at the end of the day of the trade show or maybe after the event is over?

3: Do you have control over that follow-up? If so, what type of follow-up?

Make sure that you can personalize the follow-up.

If you sent out email campaigns, you have probably heard of things like data merge. You want to use data merge with your follow-up so you can personalize your follow-up and make it more relevant and meaningful.

Over all, when it comes to lead follow-up, make sure you really dig deep!

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