August 24, 2021 Captello

Preparing for the Rise of Hybrid Events

Now that we have some insight & have learned from the difficulties of the past months, where do we go from here? 

Hybrid Events!
While virtual events took center stage in 2020, a recent study by the Global Business Travel Association suggests that hybrid events are expected to dominate the remainder of 2021 & beyond.

When surveying organizers about how they plan to manage corporate meetings in the year ahead, perhaps the most interesting finding was just how many are planning hybrid events.

Three out of five respondents said that they expect to hold at least one hybrid meeting in 2021.


interested in holding more hybrid meetings.

This is a significant shift from the 71 percent of respondents who said that, prior to the pandemic, hybrid meetings were not part of their programming at all.

In addition, the study found that respondents viewed the recent shift to virtual events as a positive one in terms of their effectiveness and role in their company’s overall marketing strategy. 

The global crisis has significantly impacted the method organizations employ when planning and managing their corporate events and meetings. We will continue to see hybrid events gaining traction in the future. This method of delivery will empower corporations to extend their reach and engagement.

The hybrid model will also unlock deeper insight into attendee interests and needs. The result of combining the power of virtual and live events into one model will show us a world where events are more prevalent and impactful than ever before.

This study by the GBTA gave further insight on the use of event technology as well. When GBTA members and non-members were asked if they want to use technology to advance virtual meetings, it’s no surprise that the majority were “interested” or “very interested” in the idea. Respondents were particularly keen to leverage event technology for virtual conferencing, online registration, post-event attendee surveys, lead tracking, live polling, and event mobile apps.

It is clear that cutting-edge technology will be an invaluable resource in the new age of hybrid events.

Features like appointment scheduling tools, flexible, universal lead capture apps, gamification options for engaging audiences, digital gift-cards for post-event follow up, touchless solutions, and more are indispensable tools that every event planner will need to be successful.

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