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Using Gamification to Drive Traffic & Excitement at Marketing Events

How & When to Use Gamification at Marketing Events

Gamification is a popular strategy for engaging attendees at marketing events. Here are some ways you can use gamification to help make your marketing events more successful:

1. Create a game: Use our Activation Builder to design a digital game that attendees can play during the event. The game should be a fun introduction to your products or services that gets people interacting with each other.

Launch activations in a variety of fun, sustainable ways including interactive touch displays, video monitors, web pages, and on personal devices using QR Codes or NFC technology.

2. Offer prizes: Offer prizes to the winners. Prizes could be related to your products or services, or something that everyone would enjoy, like gift cards.

Captello’s Rewards Center offers winners a shopping experience with over 250 internationally recognized e-gift card options to pick from.
3. Create a scavenger hunt: Use Captello Waypoints to lead attendees around the event. The hunt can involve finding specific products or services, or it could involve solving puzzles or riddles related to your company.
By incorporating gamification into your marketing events, you can increase engagement, build brand awareness, and create memorable experiences for your attendees.

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Driving Booth Traffic and Excitement with Nostalgia

Digital gamification can be a great way to tap into attendees’ sense of nostalgia and create a memorable experience. Here are some tips on how to use digital gamification to drive booth traffic, and create a nostalgic experience at your trade show booth:

1. Choose a classic game: Consider using a classic game that attendees may have played when they were younger, such as Whack-a-Mole, Pac-Man or Invaders.

2. Use retro graphics and sounds: Consider using pixel art or chiptune sounds to evoke memories of classic video games. Captello’s Activation Builder let’s you easily swap out branding, graphics and sounds to fit your theme.

3. Create a vintage arcade: Create a vintage arcade atmosphere with classic arcade graphics and retro-themed decorations.


Captello CEO, Ryan Schefke shows us how to customize and use Zones to showcase multiple experiences such as games, leaderboards, progress reports and rewards on one display.


4. Offer classic prizes: Offer prizes that are reminiscent of classic games and toys, such as Rubik’s Cubes or vintage action figures. This can tap into attendees’ sense of nostalgia and create excitement around the game.

5. Use social media to share memories: Encourage attendees to share their memories of playing classic games. Consider creating a custom hashtag for the event to make it easy for attendees to share and follow.


Using digital gamification to create a excitement in the booth and nostalgic experiences is a great way to drive increased participation at your trade show booth, where you’ll have a captive audience to present to.

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